Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche & Effervescent Tablets CombiPack

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Multi Gyn vaginal shower + effervescent tablet CombiPack

  • Helps prevent vaginal infections
  • Protects the natural, healthy vaginal flora for the correct balance of the vaginal mucosa (acidic pH value)
  • Promotes the elimination of pathogens on the mucous membrane and in the discharge
  • Removes secretions and cell debris that collect in the cervix
  • Combination of Multi-Gyn vaginal douche with the Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets for a fresh and clean feeling

To produce a vaginal shower liquid with the Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets for safe and effective cleaning of the vagina, an effervescent tablet is dissolved in the Multi-Gyn vaginal shower bottle.

  • For normal hygiene: Use once per week and after each unprotected sexual intercourse
  • For vaginal odor, increased discharge (without infection): Use in the morning and evening until symptoms improve
  • For susceptibility to vaginal infections: Use every other day and after sexual intercourse, followed by Multi-Gyn FloraPlus or Multi-Gyn ActiGel
  • For vaginal infections: Use in the morning and evening before applying any local medication
How it works:
  • Effervescent tablets made from natural ingredients, preservative-free, respecting the vaginal flora
  • Optimally adapted to the physiology of the vagina for use in various positions
  • Shower effect with no excessive pressure and special valve to prevent backflow
  • Applicator designed for comfort and ease of use, compatible with Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets

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