Multi-Gyn Vaginal Douche & Effervescent Tablets CombiPack

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Multi-Gyn vaginal shower + effervescent tablet CombiPack

  • helps prevent vaginal infections,
  • protects the natural, healthy vaginal flora for the correct balance of the vaginal mucosa (acidic pH value),
  • promotes the elimination of pathogens on the mucous membrane and in the discharge,
  • removes secretions and cell debris that collect in the cervix.
  • Multi-Gyn vaginal douche in combination with the Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets; So that you feel fresh and clean in everyday life, even with increased secretion, during your period, in the case of an infection, when you notice vaginal odor or after sexual intercourse.

How are the Multi-Gyn vaginal douche and the effervescent tablets used?

To produce a vaginal shower liquid with the Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets for safe and effective cleaning of the vagina, an effervescent tablet is dissolved in the Multi-Gyn vaginal shower bottle. For normal hygiene: do a vaginal douche with one Multi-Gyn effervescent tablet per week and after each unprotected sexual intercourse. With vaginal odor, increased discharge (without infection): Do a vaginal douche in the morning and evening (and especially after every unprotected sexual intercourse) until you feel better. Apply Multi-Gyn ActiGel after the vaginal douche. If you are susceptible to vaginal infections: Do a vaginal douche every other day and especially after every (protected or unprotected) sexual intercourse, then apply the prebiotic Multi-Gyn FloraPlus or Multi-Gyn ActiGel. If you have a vaginal infection: do a vaginal douche in the morning and evening before applying any local medication.

How does the multi-gyn vaginal douche work?

  • Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets are made from natural ingredients, contain no preservatives and respect the vaginal flora. The shower liquid has the ideal pH value for the vaginal environment.
  • The Multi-Gyn vaginal douche is optimally adapted to the physiology of the vagina. It can be used while sitting, standing or lying down.
  • The holes on the side and front of the attachment create an optimal shower effect without the risk of excessive pressure. A special silicone valve prevents any backflow of fluid from the vagina and controls the pressure. The applicator is smooth, soft and has a flexible area for optimal application comfort (the bottle can be squeezed with just one hand). The bottle is optimally matched to the Multi-Gyn effervescent tablets.
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