Femannose is a trusted brand of natural supplements to support urinary tract health. Using the power of D-mannose, a simple sugar found in fruits such as cranberries, Femannose products help prevent and relieve urinary tract infections (UTIs) by binding and removing harmful bacteria from the urinary tract. Unlike antibiotics, Femannose works gently and selectively, without harming beneficial gut bacteria or contributing to antibiotic resistance.

The Femannose range consists of two main products: Femannose N and Femannose P ProDuo. While Femannose N contains only D-mannose, Femannose P ProDuo is a more comprehensive solution with additional ingredients such as the probiotic yeast S. boulardii, cranberry extract and vitamin D. The main difference is that Femannose P ProDuo can be taken during antibiotic treatment without affecting the effectiveness of the probiotic, as S. boulardii is not affected by antibiotics.

Femannose P ProDuo thus provides more comprehensive support for urinary tract, gut and immune system health, especially when antibiotic treatment is required. Cranberry extract contains proanthocyanidins, which provide additional protection for the urinary tract, while vitamin D contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system. Femannose N focuses exclusively on the benefits of D-mannose for the prevention and relief of urinary tract infections.

Femannose in Switzerland offers its products in convenient powder sachets, making it easy to incorporate urinary tract support into your daily routine. When used regularly, Femannose helps to maintain a healthy urinary tract and reduce the frequency and severity of infections. Choose Femannose as a safe and natural alternative to promote urinary tract health and prevent recurrent UTIs, with either Femannose N for the targeted action of D-mannose or Femannose P ProDuo for a more comprehensive approach that can be taken during antibiotic treatment.

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