Femannose N D-Mannose Sachets, 30cnt

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Femannose N D-Mannose is a natural supplement designed to support urinary tract health and prevent recurring infections. D-mannose, a simple sugar found in fruits like cranberries and apples, has been shown to effectively combat the most common cause of urinary tract infections (UTIs) - E. coli bacteria. By binding to these harmful bacteria, D-mannose helps flush them out of the urinary system before they can adhere to the bladder walls and multiply.

Unlike antibiotics, which can disrupt the body's natural balance and lead to antibiotic resistance, D-mannose works gently and selectively. It does not affect beneficial bacteria in the gut or contribute to the development of resistant strains. Femannose N D-Mannose is an excellent choice for those seeking a safe, natural alternative to prevent and manage UTIs without the side effects associated with conventional treatments.

Each convenient sachet of Femannose N D-Mannose contains a precise dose of pure D-mannose powder, ready to be mixed with water or your favorite beverage. The recommended dosage is 3 sachets daily for the first 3 days of acute cystitis, followed by 2 sachets on days 4 and 5. For prevention, one sachet per day is suggested. With regular use, Femannose N D-Mannose helps maintain a healthy urinary tract, reducing the frequency and severity of infections.

Product Name:
Femannose N D-Mannose
Urinary tract health supplement
Target Group:
Adults and children over 14 prone to urinary tract infections
Powder sachets
Package Quantity:
30 sachets
Acute cystitis: 3 sachets daily on days 1-3, 2 sachets on days 4-5. Prevention: 1 sachet daily. Mix content of sachet in a glass of water.
Made In:
Natural, vegan, gluten-free


  • D-mannose - 2 g
  • Excipients: fructose, sucralose, citric acid, beetroot red, silicon dioxide, flavoring

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