Natalben: Tailored Nutrition for Every Stage of Motherhood. Natalben offers a specialized range of supplements designed to support women through preconception, pregnancy, and breastfeeding. Each product is formulated to meet the unique nutritional requirements during these vital stages of motherhood.


A preconception supplement rich in folic acid to prepare a woman’s body for pregnancy.

Natalben Plus

A prenatal supplement with vitamins and minerals, including DHA, for fetal development during pregnancy.

Natalben Oro

A lemon-flavored oral powder with bioavailable folate, tailored for pregnant women’s needs.

Natalben Mama

Switzerland's first formula designed for breastfeeding mothers, with essential nutrients for mother and child.

Each Natalben product ensures optimal nutritional support, from the start of pregnancy to the joys of motherhood.

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