Scouting for the right deodorant can be a real adventure. Loads of them out there have stuff in them that could bug your skin or just aren’t great for your health. That's exactly why nuud is shaking things up in the deodorant scene.

How nuud works

nuud is not your average deodorant. It doesn’t just hide smells under a cloud of perfume. Instead, it gets down to business by taking on the bacteria responsible for body odour, using a smart touch of micro silver to neutralize them. This keeps you smelling good, making you feel confident all day. Plus, it ditches the bad stuff like aluminium, parabens, or artificial scents, making it a superhero for all skin types, especially the sensitive ones. Switch to nuud and welcome a new era of happy skin and lasting freshness.

Is nuud safe for everyone?

Wondering if nuud is cool for everyone? Totally. It’s made for all ages, genders, and skin types. It’s free from the harsh chemicals that make you second-guess what you’re putting on your skin. Tested by dermatologists and given the thumbs up, nuud is all about keeping you fresh without any fuss, no matter who you are.

Are nuud tubes different from each other?

Checking out nuud, you'll notice a variety of tubes. But no worries, inside, it’s the same great formula. The different looks are just for fun, so you can pick the one that feels right for you. Maybe kick things off with the nuud Starter Pack Pink or go for the multicolour nuud Family Pack to share the goodness with your crew. And if you're all about snagging a good deal, the nuud XXL Pack's got you covered with 3 big tubes that'll keep you fresh for over a year. It's all up to what you like.

These tubes are made with top-notch materials, meaning they're tough and easy to use. Plus, they're super handy to toss in your gym bag or suitcase. So, whether you're into something simple and sleek or you want to make a statement with bold colors, nuud has something for everyone.

Is nuud sustainable?

In a world looking to turn green, nuud stands out. It’s all about effective deodorant use that’s also kind to the planet. A little nuud goes a long way, meaning less waste and more freshness. Its packaging is recyclable, and it’s vegan and cruelty-free. Choosing nuud is a step towards a cleaner planet and a fresh you.

How to use nuud Deo

Getting started with nuud is easy-peasy:

  1. Wash and dry your underarms well before applying.
  2. Pop a pea-sized amount of nuud onto your fingertip.
  3. Warm it up between your fingers to get it ready to work its magic.
  4. Apply it directly to your underarms for full coverage.
  5. Give it a quick massage until it’s absorbed, and you’re set.

With nuud, a little dab'll do ya. Apply every three to seven days for all-day freshness. It’s the easy route to feeling great without constant re-ups.

Where to buy nuud in Switzerland

Ready to dive into the nuud experience? Grab it online at vitamister, your go-to in Switzerland. With us, you get quick, reliable delivery all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

And hey, when you spend CHF 50 or more, shipping's on us. Load up on nuud and enjoy getting it delivered straight to your door, no extra charge.

Jump on the chance to try nuud deodorant. Hit up vitamister now and step into a fresher, greener lifestyle!

Snag your nuud deodorant at vitamister and enjoy speedy delivery across Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Plus, score free shipping on orders over CHF 50. Get your nuud Deo today for that fresh, sustainable vibe!

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