Discover Multi Gyn Natural Intimate Care in Switzerland

About Multi-Gyn

Multi-Gyn offers a line of products dedicated to addressing vaginal discomforts. Utilizing the power of nature, our products are formulated to restore the natural balance of vaginal flora, offering protection against pathogens and providing direct relief from irritation and infections.

MultiGyn Philosophy

Multi Gyn believe in the strength of natural ingredients. Their innovative 2QR-complex, a plant-based bio-active substance, lies at the heart of our products, effectively neutralizing harmful bacteria without side effects.

The Multi-Gyn Effect

MultiGyn products are designed to have an immediate soothing impact on intimate discomforts, treating conditions like bacterial vaginosis and yeast infections with a gentle, yet powerful approach.

Multi-Gyn: Committed to supporting women's intimate health with nature's healing touch.

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