Supradyn has established itself as a leader in the multivitamin market since its inception in 1959. Known for its quality and comprehensive nutritional support, the brand enjoys a strong relationship with healthcare professionals, making it a trusted source for addressing nutritional gaps.

Supradyn's commitment to filling nutritional voids in the average diet is its key differentiator. Its product range is carefully formulated to support a healthy diet, providing essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to promote energy and vitality.

Product Highlights

The brand offers products like Supradyn Energy 30 Effervescent Tablets for sustained energy throughout the day and Supradyn Multivitamins Tablets with Minerals and Trace Elements for immune support. These offerings cater to various health needs and age groups, underlining the brand's dedication to comprehensive nutritional support.

Availability in Switzerland

Supradyn products are readily available in Switzerland through online platforms such as This accessibility ensures Swiss consumers can easily obtain the vitamins and minerals needed to maintain their health and well-being.

Supradyn: Trusted Multivitamins

Supradyn is renowned for its high-quality, broad-spectrum nutritional support. By addressing dietary gaps and providing essential nutrients, Supradyn stands as a trusted name in health and well-being, both in Switzerland and around the world.

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