Lubex is a renowned Swiss Skincare brand that originates from Switzerland, known for its high-quality dermatological and anti-aging products. Established in 1979 by Christian H. Lutz, the brand has over 40 years of expertise in the field of dermatology, focusing on the development of products that cater to various skin needs including anti-aging, sensitive skin, acne treatment, and sun protection.

Lubex Skincare Products

Lubex's product range is extensive, offering solutions for every phase of life and skin condition. Their anti-aging line, for example, includes products like the Lubex Anti-Age Day Rich cream, which is designed for very dry and mature skin. This cream provides increased hydration and nourishment, thanks to its active ingredients such as avocado and macadamia oils. It also contains UVB and UVA filters to protect against sun damage, ensuring the skin remains soft, smooth, and radiant.

For individuals with sensitive skin, Lubex offers products like the Lubex Lotion Plus. This dermatological lotion is formulated with a novel tripeptide that activates the production of the skin’s own β-defensins, protecting against foreign bacteria and fungi. It also contains ingredients like glycyrrhetinic acid from licorice root and bisabolol from chamomile, which soothe the skin and prevent irritation in long-term use. Ceramides 1, 3, and 6 regenerate the epidermal barrier and reduce transepidermal water loss (TEWL). Hyaluronic acid and PCA (natural moisturizing factor of the skin) hydrate the epidermis intensively and help to achieve a firm skin appearance.

Lubex also addresses acne treatment with products such as the Lubex Sebo Control serum. This dermatological leave-on peeling serum works in two phases: the first phase uses micro peeling active ingredients to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells, promoting the penetration of the serum active ingredients. The second phase's serum active ingredients have an anti-inflammatory effect, helping to clear and prevent acne.

In terms of sun protection, Lubex offers products like the Lubex Anti-Age Day Classic UV30, which is suitable for normal to slightly dry skin. This nourishing formula, applied every morning after cleansing, pampers your face, neck, and décolleté with a gentle massage. It provides enhanced radiance, suppleness, and effectiveness with regular use.

Lubex Advantages

All Lubex products are developed in their own research department and manufactured according to GMP standards in Therwil near Basel, Switzerland. The brand is committed to innovation, quality, and efficacy, ensuring that each product meets the specific needs of the skin at different life stages. Lubex's dedication to dermatological excellence has made it a leader in the Swiss market for medicinal shampoos, scar-treatment products, and topical acne preparations.

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