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Discover the balanced and delicious solution for meal replacement with inshape biomed Café. Replace one or two main meals per day to manage your weight effectively. The nutrient-rich formula is low in calories and designed to keep you satisfied for hours. Easy to prepare, it's a delectable way to stay on track with your dietary goals, now available in Switzerland at

As a low-calorie meal replacement, inshape biomed Café shake supports weight reduction by minimizing daily calorie intake. When mixed with 200 ml of low-fat milk, the high-protein nutrient concentrate forms a dietary drink with only 200 kilocalories per serving.

For adults aiming for weight loss, replace two main meals daily. For weight control, replace one main meal. Enjoy a lactose-free version by using lactose-free low-fat milk, maintaining the shake's delicious taste with <0.1 g lactose per 100 ml when prepared with lactose-free milk.

Note for individuals with diabetes: inshape biomed Café is generally suitable for diabetic consumption, but changes in blood sugar and insulin requirements may occur. Always consult your doctor before initiating any dietary program.

Product Flavor Calories Preparation Suitability
inshape biomed Café Café 200 kcal/serving Mix 30g powder with 200ml low-fat milk Weight management


High content of filling milk protein, isomaltulose as a source of carbohydrates, corn dextrin as fiber, contains important fatty acids, vitamins and minerals

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