Sonett Liquid Detergent Lavender 2L

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Sonett Liquid Detergent Lavender 2L is your go-to for a natural and effective clean. It's a special concoction of organic vegetable oil soap, ensuring your clothes come out spotless. This detergent is a friend to the environment, too. Made in Germany, it's free from enzymes, GMOs, and is completely biodegradable. So, you're not just cleaning your clothes, you're caring for the planet.

And there's more – it's perfect for all your textiles, whether they're colored or white, made from cotton, linen, hemp, or blends, and it works great in hard water. Plus, it's suitable for high-efficiency washing machines. Just pour the detergent into a measuring ball, toss it in the drum, and you're set for a wash that's kind to your clothes and the earth.

With Sonett Liquid Detergent Lavender 2L, you're not just doing laundry. You're embracing a product that's gentle on fabrics and the environment, leaving your clothes with the delightful scent of lavender, thanks to the essential oils from organic cultivation.

Name Sonett Liquid Detergent Lavender 2L
Size 2L
Type Liquid Detergent
Made in Germany
Key Features Organic, Natural, Biodegradable
Directions Use as needed for laundry. Follow instructions on the bottle.


  • Organic vegetable oil soap
  • Essential oils from organic cultivation

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